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Charlie Chan’s Last Mystery, or, the Transcultural Disappearance of Warner Oland

Kim Khavar Fahlstedt

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Edinburgh University Press


A globalized history of Nordic film cultures in a transnational context. Introduces the concept of “Elsewheres" and “Cinemas of Elsewhere" – of value for many small national film cultures. Promotes an understanding of Scandinavian cinemas as world cinemas. Examines overlooked and little-known aspects of how Nordic cinemas have been funded, produced, circulated, received, appropriated and re-imagined outside of Scandinavia. Addresses cinemas of exile, diaspora, migration, emigration and immigration. Integrates examples of early and silent cinema, popular cinema, art cinema, documentary, shorts, experimental film, expanded media, the avant-garde, video art, music videos, ethnography, television and digital representation. Engages with questions of colonialism, gender, multi-lingualism, inter- and cross-cultural representation, film practice in the diaspora and visual anthropology. Engages with Indigenous cinemas of the North. Nordic Film Cultures and Cinemas of Elsewhere introduces a new concept to Nordic film studies as well as to other small national, transnational and world cinema traditions. Examining overlooked ‘elsewheres’, the book presents Nordic cinemas as international, cosmopolitan, diasporic and geographically dispersed, from their beginnings in the early silent period to their present 21st-century dynamics. Exploring both canonical works by directors like Ingmar Bergman and Lars von Trier, as well as a wide range of unknown or overlooked narratives of movement, synthesis and resistance, the book offers a new model of inquiry into a multi-varied Scandinavian cultural lineage, and into small nation and pan-regional world cinemas.

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Khavar Fahlstedt, K. (2019). Charlie Chan’s Last Mystery, or, the Transcultural Disappearance of Warner Oland. In: A. Lunde and A. Westerstahl Stenport, eds., Nordic Film Cultures and Cinemas of Elsewhere, 1st ed. Edinnburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 42-52.