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Publicerad Titel Typ Författare
2021 Negotiating motherhood in Sweden: On and Off Screen Kapitel i antologi Maria Jansson, Louise Wallenberg
2021 From the Extraordinary to the Everyday: Discourses on American Quality Serial Television in Sweden’s Leading Newspapers and the Breakthrough of Streaming TV Artikel i tidskrift Joel Frykholm
2021 The archive and the scene: on the cultural techniques of retrocomputing databases Artikel i tidskrift Anders Carlsson, Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby
2021 "En såffa något kostbar": Snickarna, möblerna och hushållen i västra Härjedalen 1780-1870 Kapitel i antologi Marie Tengroth Ulväng
2021 The Time of Our Lives Kapitel i antologi John Sundholm
2021 Selling the Hollywood Character Actor, 1930-1949 Konferensbidrag Linn Lönroth
2021 The Struggles of the Remote Scholar: Creating Opportunities for Archival Access Beyond Broad Digitization Konferensbidrag Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén, Nadi Tofighian
2021 Dramatiska och utmattande: Nio månader av Corona-nyheter i sociala medier Kapitel i antologi Andreas Widholm
2021 The Humanities Are Not Our Patient Artikel i tidskrift Torkild Thanem, Louise Wallenberg
2021 What’s Happened to Global News? Artikel i tidskrift Alexa Robertson
2021 Netflix, HBO Nordic, and “Glocalized” TV Series: The View from Sweden Artikel i tidskrift Joel Frykholm
2021 Uncivility, Racism, and Populism: Discourses and interactive practices in anti- & post-democratic communication Artikel i tidskrift Mattias Ekman, Michał Krzyżanowski, Mattias Ekman, Per-Erik Nilsson. Mattias Gardell & Christian Christensen
2021 A populist turn?: News editorials and the recent discursive shift on immigration in Sweden Artikel i tidskrift Mattias Ekman, Michal Krzyzanowski
2021 Finland Returning to War on Screen: The Unknown Soldier of 2017 Kapitel i antologi John Sundholm
2021 Petrocinema: Sponsored Film and the Oil Industry Bok Marina L. Dahlquist, Patrick Vonderau
2021 Renegotiating Quality TV in the Swedish Press: American Serial Television and Sweden's Post-Monopoly Television Landscape Artikel i tidskrift Joel Frykholm
2021 Los Angeles som fillmisk dröm Artikel i tidskrift Malin Wahlberg
2021 Gallery Experience: Viewers, Screens and the Space In-Between in Contemporary Installation Art Avhandling Olivia Eriksson
2021 In Search of "The Edison Biograph Company": Film History through Philippine Archives Kapitel i antologi Nadi Tofighian
2021 Medierna och brottsjournalistiken Kapitel i antologi Ester Pollack