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Publicerad Titel Typ Författare
2017 Design and the Digital Bible: Persuasive Technology and Religious Reading Artikel i tidskrift Timothy Hutchings
2017 The Banality of Benevolence: Archival Ambiguities in Pablo Larraín's No Konferensbidrag Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2017 Ekonomisk kulturhistoria: Bildkonst, konsthantverk och scenkonst 1720-1850 Samlingsverk / Antologi Klas Nyberg
2017 The Classroom and the Archive: Teaching Film and Media History Using Digital and Physical Primary Materials Konferensbidrag Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2017 A Brief History of Failure: Google's Nexus Q and the Limits of Streaming Konferensbidrag Chris Baumann
2017 Book Review: Television and Romance: Studies, Observations and Interpretations Artikel i tidskrift Jono Van Belle
2017 Mediet som hatets prefix Artikel i tidskrift Magnus Danielson
2017 Mischievous Machines: A Design Criticism of Programmable Partners Konferensbidrag Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby
2017 "We are a United Humanity": Death, Emotion and Digital Media in the Church of Sweden Artikel i tidskrift Timothy Hutchings
2017 Flesh-images.: Body shame and affective ambiguites in Celebrity gossip magazines Artikel i tidskrift Anja Hirdman
2017 Watching the astonishment of the native: Early audio-visual technology and colonial discourse Artikel i tidskrift Nadi Tofighian
2017 Human Rights Online: Contested Claims in an Emerging Norm Konferensbidrag James Losey
2017 Intergovernmental Cooperation and Human Rights Online: The Freedom Online Coalition Konferensbidrag James Losey
2017 Fashioning the Flesh: Rethinking Plus-size Dress, Discourse and Embodiment Konferensbidrag Lauren Downing Peters
2017 Narrative Analysis Kapitel i antologi Alexa Robertson
2017 The mediated politics of place and people: Picturing the ‘contested place-making’ of Irish Travellers at Dale Farm Artikel i tidskrift Anna Roosvall
2017 "Fashion Plus": Pose and the Plus-Size Body in Vogue, 1986-1988 Artikel i tidskrift Lauren Downing Peters
2016 Analogue Video in the Age of Retrospectacle: Aesthetics, Technology, Subculture Artikel i tidskrift Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2016 Materiality and the Study of Religion: The Stuff of the Sacred Samlingsverk / Antologi Timothy Hutchings, Joanne McKenzie
2016 Im/possible desires: media temporalities and (post)human-technology relationships Artikel i tidskrift Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby