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Publicerad Titel Samlingsverk / Antologi Författare
2017 Narrative Analysis Analysing Text and Discourse. Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences Alexa Robertson
2016 Augmented Graves and Virtual Bibles: Digital Media and Material Religion Materiality and the Study of Religion: The Stuff of the Sacred Timothy Hutchings
2016 Introduction: The Body of St Cuthbert Materiality and the Study of Religion: The Stuff of the Sacred Timothy Hutchings, Joanne McKenzie
2016 Journalism, Climate Change, Justice and Solidarity: Editorializing the IPCC AR5 Media and Global Climate Knowledge: Journalism and the IPCC Anna Roosvall
2016 Kim Novak and Morgan Stairways: Thinking about the Theory and History of the Tie-in Films that Sell Patrick Vonderau
2016 On the Relation of Advertising to Moving Pictures Films that Sell: Moving Images and Advertising Patrick Vonderau
2016 A Visible Presence: Royal Events, Media Images and Popular Spectatorship in Oscarian Sweden Royal Heirs and the Uses of Soft Power in Nineteenth-Century Europe Kristina Widestedt
2016 Itinerari di moda fiorentina fra il dopoguerra e la fine degli anni sessanta: dal guardaroba alla memoria storica Moda, città e immaginari Chiara Faggella
2016 ”The Capital of Scandinavia? Imaginary Cinescapes and the art of creating an appetite for Nordic cinematic spaces” A Companion to Nordic Cinema Maaret Koskinen
2016 ”P(owe)R, Sex, and Mad Men Swedish Style” Swedish Cinema and the Sexual Revolution: Critical Essays Maaret Koskinen
2016 Transformation of the Everyday: Material Magic in Jan Švankmajer’s Art and Films Black Mirror 1: Embodiment Kristoffer Noheden
2016 Perfect profession: Swedish journalism students, their teachers and educational goals Becoming a Journalist: Journalism Education in the Nordic Countries Gunilla Hultén, Antonia Wiklund
2016 Natural Ecology Meets Media Ecology: Indigenous Climate Change Activists’ Views on Nature and Media The Environment in the Age of the Internet: Activists, Communication, and the Digital Landscape. Anna Roosvall, Matthew Tegelberg
2016 Den sårbara mångfalden SOU 2016:30, Människorna, medierna & marknaden: Medieutredningens forskningsantologi om en demokrati i förändring Gunilla Hultén
2016 Journalistik, rättvisa och rättigheter Människorna, medierna och marknaden: Medieutredningens forskarantologi om en demokrati i förändring Anna Roosvall
2016 Media and Nationalism The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism Anna Roosvall
2016 Journalistik om kultur Journalistik i förändring Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2016 Journalistik som kollektiv nytta Människorna, ederna & marknaden Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack
2016 Mediedrev och politiska skandaler Medielandskapet Ester Pollack
2016 Chance and Play or, Marvellous Machines: A Forgotten Swedish Film Avant-garde A Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in The Nordic Countries 1950-1975 John Sundholm