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Publicerad Titel Samlingsverk / Antologi Författare
2019 Magic The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism Kristoffer Noheden
2019 Expo Aleby, 1949: Wilhelm Freddie, Gösta Kriland, and Surrealist Magic Art in Stockholm A Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries, 1925-1950 Kristoffer Noheden
2018 Moving Mountains: Cinema, Deep Time, and Climate Change in Hanna Ljungh’s I am Mountain, to Measure Impermanence Nordic Narratives of Nature and the Environment - Ecocritical Approaches to Northern European Literatures and Cultures Anna Sofia Rossholm
2018 ‘Lumière Agents in Mexico: The “Body” of Film as a Late-Nineteenth-Century Discourse’ Corporality in Early Cinema: Viscera, Skin and Physical Form John Fullerton
2018 Witnessing AIDS in the Archive A Visual History of HIV/AIDS: Exploring the Face of AIDS Archive Anna Sofia Rossholm, Beate Schirrmacher
2018 Anonymous Urban Disruptions: Exploring Banksy as Artistic Activist and Social Critic Postcolonial Intellectuals in Europe: Critics, Artists, Movements, and their Publics Tindra Thor
2018 Breaking news from Petrograd, 1917: Remediated revolution as popular history. Screening Protest Kristina Widestedt
2018 Cultural journalism Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2018 Introduction Fashion and Modernism Andrea Kollnitz, Louise Wallenberg
2018 Ménilmontant: Time, Space and Urbanity Fashion and Modernism Louise Wallenberg
2018 Magic Art Between the Primitive and the Occult: Animal Sacrifice in Jan Švankmajer’s Drawer Fetishes The Occult in Modernist Art, Literature, and Cinema Kristoffer Noheden
2018 "You have access to all of it." Assessing Documentary Participation Through an Ethics of Care Current Perspectives on Communication and Media Research Erika Theissen Walukiewicz
2018 Vilken roll spelar medierna i valet?: 8 lektioner i val. Politik och demokrati inför valet 2018 8 lektioner i val. Politik och demokrati inför valet 2018 Ester Pollack
2018 Mediekritik driver Twitteraktivitet: Om journalistik som resurs för politisk kommunikation i sociala medier Fejk, filter och faktaresistens: Hotar sociala medier demokratin? Andreas Widholm
2018 Becoming-Animal, Becoming Free: Re-Reading the Animalistic in Fashion Photography Communicating Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Image, Identity and Ideology Louise Wallenberg
2018 Changing Norms Concerning Verification: Towards a relative truth in online news? Trust in Media and Journalism: Empirical Perspectives on Ethics, Norms, Impacts and Populism in Europe Gunnar Nygren, Andreas Widholm
2018 Begärsfantomer: Vítězslav Nezval, Valérie och det underbara Vítězslav Nezval, Valérie och hennes underbara vecka Kristoffer Noheden
2018 Hushåll, arbete och försörjning i Lillhärdal 1766-1830 Kvinnors flit och slit: Kvinnors arbete under tidig svensk industrialisering Marie Tengroth Ulväng
2017 The Grail and the Bees: Leonora Carrington’s Quest for Human–Animal Coexistence Beyond Given Knowledge: Investigation, Quest and Exploration in Modernism and the Avant-Gardes Kristoffer Noheden
2017 Beyond Fashion’s Alluring Surface Bodies, Symbols and Organizational Practices Torkild Thanem, Louise Wallenberg