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Främmande sidor

Av Gunilla Hultén

A major purpose of this study is to describe and analyse representations of migration and migrants in three local Swedish newspapers, Arbetarbladet... Läs vidare

The Limits of the New Public Diplomacy

Av James Pamment

The new public diplomacy is a major paradigm shift in international political communication. Globalisation and a new media landscape challenge trad... Läs vidare

Haloed Objects on Mental Parade: Myth and Magic in Post-War Surrealist Cinema

Av Kristoffer Noheden

Following the end of World War II, the surrealist founder André Breton organized the exhibition Le Surréalisme en 1947. In conjunction with it, he ... Läs vidare

TV-ledning i konkurrens

Av Johan Lindén

In the years around the turn of the century, the media landscape changed. This thesis studies how these challenges were met by Sveriges Television.... Läs vidare

Landet bortom horisonten

Av Thomas Petersson

The present thesis concerns Swedish journalism on West Papua, the western part of the island New Guinea. West Papua is a politically contentious ar... Läs vidare

Voicing the Slum

Av Jessica Gustafsson

Since late 2006, several small media projects have emerged in the slums of Nairobi with the aim to counterbalance the ignorance from mainstream med... Läs vidare

Bridging the blocked river

Av Virginia Melián

In recent years mobile phones and the internet have played an increasingly significant role, assisting in the organization of dissent worldwide. On... Läs vidare

Media Crisis Decision Making

Av Eva-Karin Olsson

The study takes as its starting point that news organizations’ actions during crises vary more than one can expect based on previous research on ne... Läs vidare

Nazityskland i populärkulturen

Av Eva Kingsepp

The study follows the tradition of Cultural Studies, with a special interest in visual culture, and examines how history is being represented in di... Läs vidare

Culture and transmission

Av Lars Lundgren

The aim of this dissertation is to study the technological and cultural reach of internationally syndicated radio from the vantage point of the rad... Läs vidare

Den medierade konsten

Av Anna Orrghen

This dissertation takes its starting point in three Swedish art exhibitions which contain so called new media: Avatar (1998), Bäst före (1999) and ... Läs vidare

Skilda medievärldar

Av Gunnar Nygren

The main purpose of this thesis is to study mediated political communication in Stockholm, focusing on media content as well as media consumption a... Läs vidare

Två drömspel

Av Staffan Ericson

This thesis studies the relations between modernism, mass culture and visual media. Using the dramatic form of the ”dream play” as focal point, it ... Läs vidare

Mellom samfunnsoppdrag og marked

Av Turid Borgen

The dissertation analyses changes in the role of editors-in-chief in ten leading Norwegian and Swedish media houses – today owned by either Bonnier... Läs vidare