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The role of the Internet in suicide prevention

Av Danuta Wasserman, Michael Westerlund

Among websites relating to suicide, approximately 40 per cent represent a suicide-preventive view. However, research shows that pro-suicide sites u... Läs vidare

The role of mass-media in suicide prevention

Av Sylvia Schaller, Armin Schmidtke, Michael Westerlund

Although disputed, most researchers in the field of suicide and massmedia agree that the studies carried out to date have substantiated the existen... Läs vidare

Reverberations of a Conflicted Past

Av Malin Wahlberg

History is a science of traces, and it is the trace that ‘orients the hunt, the quest, the search, the inquiry’ (Ricoeur, 1988). In documentary art... Läs vidare