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Lo Squalo, le strategie di marketing della universal e la costruzione della ‘Jawsmania’

Av Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Quest’articolo ricostruisce le strategie di marketing elaborate dalla Universal per il lancio di Jaws, spesso citate tra le principali ragioni del ... Läs vidare

Possessed by Bugs Bunny: Animals and Ecology in Chicago Surrealism

Av Kristoffer Noheden

Soon after its foundation in 1965, the Surrealist Group of Chicago adopted Bugs Bunny as its trickster-avatar. In 1968, the group inaugurated their... Läs vidare

Foreign News: A Flagship of the Nation in an Age of Globalization

Av Anna Roosvall

This chapter is about the journalistic genre termed foreign news and examines the development of the genre during a period that spans from the last... Läs vidare

Reverberations of a Conflicted Past

Av Malin Wahlberg

History is a science of traces, and it is the trace that ‘orients the hunt, the quest, the search, the inquiry’ (Ricoeur, 1988). In documentary art... Läs vidare

Ingmar Bergman's The Silence

Av Maaret Koskinen

Ingmar Bergman's 1963 film The Silence was made at a point in his career when his stature as one of the great art-film directors allowed him to pus... Läs vidare

Transition and Transformation

Av Bo Florin

In 1923, Victor Sjöström (1879-1960) got an offer from Goldwyn Pictures to come to Hollywood. This was nothing unusual for a successful European di... Läs vidare