Meet Our Researchers

Kristina Riegert

Kristina Riegert's research interests have focused on factors that are important for how media in various countries represent the world: globalisation, propaganda, war and crisis situations, national and regional identities, links between transnational and national mediated spaces and journalist ... Read more

Klas Nyberg

Klas Nyberg is an economic historian and researcher in the field of textile history, consumption history and material culture. He has published numerous books, including Till salu. Stockholms textila handel och manufaktur 1722-1846; Kommers. Historiska handelsformer i Norden under 1700- och 1800-... Read more

John Sundholm

Most of the research focus on minor cinemas and has been carried out within the scope of extensive research projects funded by the Swedish Research Council: Swedish Experimental Cinema (2006-08); The Stockholm Film Workshop and the Cultural Politics of Minor Cinemas (2010-12); The Cultural Pract... Read more

Kim Khavar Fahlstedt

My current research focus on transcultural interactions in film history, borderlands history, issues of cultural translation, and reception studies. The ever-changing history of moving images provides a figurative peephole to my other research interests, which include American Studies, Spatial ... Read more

Ester Pollack

Pollack’s research covers four different fields: media and crime, journalism's role in the history of politics, political journalism and political communication and journalism as a public good. Media and crime concerns the relationships between crime journalism and criminal policy, the interpla... Read more

Paula von Wachenfeldt

My research interests revolve around the textual and visual communication of fashion and its effects on the consumer behaviour. In my publications I have addressed the debate on luxury, its representations in media as well as the role of social media in the creation of self. I have been investiga... Read more

Meet Our PhD Students

Jono Van Belle

Jono Van Belle is a PhD candidate at IMS at Stockholm University, Sweden, in cooperation with CIMS at Ghent University, Belgium. Her project aims to capture ... Read more

Anna Hanchett

My most pressing intellectual interests include fashion history and theory; feminist, gender and sexuality studies; fashion and materiality; studies of corpo... Read more

Erika Theissen Walukiewicz

Documentary film, ethics, care ethics, participation, emotions, representation, long-form factual storytelling. Read more

Martin Karlsson

Martin is particularly interested in the forms and conditions of politics in media through history, and what can and should be expressed during different per... Read more

Leo Hansson Nilson

My PhD project will attempt to theorize the "algorimage", or the abundant, algorithmically circulating digital images we interface with on social media platf... Read more

Olivia Eriksson

Olivia’s research centers around the moving image within an art context. Research interests include the construction of space and questions of migration and ... Read more

James Losey

James has eight years experience in public policy and over ten years researching the intersection of information, technology and power. He is currently a PhD... Read more

Helena Almqvist Hägglund

Helena’s research interests surround the relationship between media and migration, social movement activism, protest and new media technologies. Read more