Albert Bonnier Jr:s guest professorship

In 1987 Bonnier Magazine Group donated funds for establishment of a guest professorship in journalism- and mass communication at the Department of journalism, media and communication, Stockholm university. The Bonnier guest professors give lectures for journalists, media researchers and other relevant groups, lead research oriented seminars and are an active part of the graduate- and research seminars at the department. Opportunities for more informal meetings with journalists and researchers are included.

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Holder Year
Michal Krzyzanowski Spring 2019
Bart Cammaerts London School of Economics and Political Science Spring 2018
Vicki Mayer Tulane University Spring 2018
Clemencia Rodríguez Temple University Spring 2018
Rodney Benson New York University Autumn 2017
Robert Entman George Washington University Spring 2017
José van Dijck University of Utrecht Spring 2017
Irene Costera Meijer VU University Amsterdam Autumn 2016
Karen Arriaza Ibarra Complutense University of Madrid Autumn 2016
Marwan M. Kraidy University of Pennsylvania Spring 2015
Graeme Turner University of Queensland Spring 2015
Karin Wahl Jørgensen Cardiff University Autumn 2014
Robert W. McChesney University of Illinois Autumn 2013
Simon Cottle Cardiff University Autumn 2013
Milly Buonanno La Sapienza University of Roma Spring 2013
Naomi Sakr University of Westminster Spring 2012
Paul Frosh Hebrew University of Jerusalem Autumn 2011
Nick Couldry Goldsmiths, University of London Spring 2011
Epp Lauk University of Jyväskylä Spring 2011
Stig Hjarvard Københavns universitet Autumn 2010
Marita Sturken NYU Steinhardt Spring 2010
Lance Bennett University of Washington Autumn 2009
Stuart Allan Bournemouth University Autumn 2009
William Uricchio Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Spring 2009
Asbjørn Grønstad University of Bergen Spring 2009
James Elkins School of the Art Institute of Chicago Spring 2008
Sharon Dunwoody University of Wisconsin-Madison Spring 2008
Sigurd Allern University of Oslo Spring 2008 - Autumn 2008
Paolo Mancini University of Perugia Autumn 2007
Terhi Rantanen London School of Economics Autumn 2007
Jan Nederveen Pieterse University of Illinois Autumn 2006
Annette Hill University of Westminster Autumn 2006
Barbie Zelizer University of Pennsylvania Spring 2005
Ruth Wodak Lancaster University Spring 2005
Guy Berger Rhodes University Autumn 2004
Nicholas Mirzoeff NYU Steinhardt Autumn 2003
Annabelle Sreberny University of London Spring 2003
Jan Jirák Charles University Autumn 2002
John Durham Peters University of Iowa Spring 2001
Simon Frith University of Stirling Spring 2000
Nancy Fraser The New School for Social Research Spring 2000
Kirsten Drotner University of Southern Denmark Autumn 1999
Graham Murdock Loughborough University Autumn 1998
Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics and Political Science Spring 1998
Lynette Steenveld Rhodes University Autumn 1996
Michael Schudson University of California Autumn 1994
Douglas Kellner University of California, Los Angeles Spring 1994
John Corner University of Liverpool Autumn 1993
Oleg Manaev Belarus State University Spring 1993
Marc Raboy McGill University Spring 1992 - Autumn 1993
Janice Radway Duke University Spring 1991
Ellen Seiter University of California, San Diego Spring 1991
Charlotte Brunsdon University of Warwick Spring 1991
Ien Ang University of Western Sydney Spring 1991
James Curran Goldsmiths, University of London Autumn 1988