Mattias Ekman is Associate Professor in Media- and Communication Studies and the director of studies for the undergraduate and master programmes.

Ekman is currently heading the research project “Interactive Racism in Swedish Online Media, Press and Politics: Discourses on Immigration and Refugees at Times of Crisis.”, funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR-grant 2016-05464). The project examines how xenophobic and racist views become particularly widespread in Sweden at times of crisis and how online racism interacts with migration-related opinion journalism and discourses of political actors. Ekman is also co-researcher in the project “Immigration and the Normalization of Racism: Discursive Shifts in Swedish Politics and Media 2010-22.”, funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR-grant 2019-03354). The current project will examine the process of ‘normalization of racism’ in the Swedish public sphere by looking at trajectories of Swedish political and media discourse during the period 2010-22.

Ekman’s research is focused on the relation between digital media and political mobilization, and also how political communication in social media transforms the relation between journalism and politics.

Ekman is chair of the Political Communication Division of Nordmedia

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