Year Title Status
2022 I am mature and established. There is no success in that In press
2022 Now about all these women in the Swedish film industry In press
2022 Women’s Agency in the Swedish Film Industry In press
2022 Making (the) Silence Speak In press
2022 Ingmar Bergman at the Crossroads between Theory and Practice In press
2022 The Cost of Looking Good In press
2022 Fashion Aesthetics / Fashion Ethics In press
2022 Introduction In press
2022 The Politics of Gendered Work and Representation in the Nordic Screen Industries In press

Books and Anthologies

Year Title Publisher
2018 Fashion and Modernism Bloomsbury Academic
2017 Harry bit för bit Carlsson Förlag
2017 Fashion, Film, and the 1960s Indiana UP
2014 Modernism och mode Carlsson
2012 Nordic Fashion Studies AXL Books
2009 Mode - en introduktion Raster förlag

Journal Articles

Year Title Journal
2021 Introduction: On and Off Screen Gender, Work and Organization
2021 The Humanities Are Not Our Patient Management learning
2021 The Final Cut Gender, Work and Organizaton
2020 Studying Women in Swedish film production: methodological considerations Journal of Scandinavian Cinema
2020 Art, Life and the Fashion Museum Journal of Fashion and Textiles
2019 Десятилетие вызовов и возможностей. Становление теории моды в Стокгольмском университете Fashion Theory
2018 A Decade of Challenges and Possibilities International Journal of Fashion Studies
2016 Just doing gender? Organization
2016 Sexual Politics, Organizational Practices Gender, work & organization
2016 Postscript Gender, work & organization
2015 Traversing the Gender Binary Journal of Scandinavian Cinema
2015 What can bodies do? Organization
2015 Modefilm och mode på film under 1920-talet Biblis
2010 Sul masochismo e l’(In)differenza sessuale nella fotografia di Helmut Newton Krill
2010 Buggering Freud and Deleuze Journal of Aesthetics and Culture
2009 Rajat ylittäviä drag kingejä ja kurittomia dildolesboja LÄHIKUVA
2008 Magos magiska mode FLM
2007 Cowboys are secretly frequently fond of each other Häften för kritiska studier
2007 Hitchcocks nya look FLM
2000 Stilleristic Women Aura
2000 Queerfilmens nya våg Bang
1995 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Häften för kritiska studier

Chapters In Anthologies

Year Title Anthology
2022 Lesbian Desire, Misandry, and Porno Violence in the Fashion Film, 2009-2012 Fashion, Performance and Performativity
2021 Negotiating motherhood in Sweden Mothers and Motherhood: Negotiating the international audio-visual industry
2020 Facing the Queer Migrant in Swedish Noir Queering the Migrant in Contemporary European Cinema
2020 Men in Boots: On Spectacular Masculinity and Desublimation SHOE REELS: The History and Philosophy of Footwear in Film
2020 Experiencing Male Dominance in Swedish Film Production Women Film Workers
2019 Let us roam the night together Hollywood at the Intersection of Identity
2019 ’One should always be able to do something’ Women Writers in Organization Studies
2019 Костюмы у Бергмана: очевидный гендер, неясный пол Грани таланта. К 100-летию Ингмара Бергмана. Москва
2018 Introduction Fashion and Modernism
2018 Ménilmontant Fashion and Modernism
2018 Becoming-Animal, Becoming Free Communicating Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Image, Identity and Ideology
2017 Beyond Fashion’s Alluring Surface Bodies, Symbols and Organizational Practices
2017 Mago’s Magic Fashion and Film in the 1960s
2017 Introduction Fashion and Film in the 1960s
2017 Den offentliga människan Harry bit för bit
2017 What's wrong with queer? Dialogues in Critical Management Studies
2015 Schein som mediemänniska Massmedieproblem. Mediestudiets formering 1960-1980 (
2015 Monstrous Ethics The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organization
2015 Representationer av lyx, begär och klass i svensk film, 1910-1940 Det svenska begäret
2014 Ménilmontant Modernism och mode
2014 Introduktion Modernism och mode
2013 Trans Identities as Effect and Otherness Sonja Nilsson
2013 Seeing It for What It Is Fashion in Popular Culture: Literature, Media and Contemporary Studies
2011 Att bevara det förgängliga Ett sekel av dräkt och mode: Hallwylska dräktsamlingen
2011 Designing Desirable Men Star and Seam: Male Elegance
2010 Fashion and the Moving Image The History of Fashion Reader
2010 Eleganten Citizen Schein
2009 Paradoxes of Academic Practice Critical Management Studies at Work
2009 Foreword Fashion in Fiction: Text and Clothing in Literature, Film and Television
2009 Representation FILM och andra rörliga bilder: en introduktion
2009 Mode, makar och masker MODE
2009 Straight Heroes with Queer Inclinations Hetero: Queering Representations of Straightness on Film
2008 Mannequin in Red If Looks Could Kill
2008 Trespassing the F-line? Queer Cinema in Europe
2006 Greta Garbo Journeys of Desire: European Actors in Hollywood
2005 Mazurka pa sengekanten 24 Frames: The Cinema of Scandinavia
2004 New Black Queer Cinema New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader