Alexa Robertson is Professor in Media and Communication Studies and docent (associate professor) in Political Science. She does research on global media and cosmopolitanism, with a particular focus on mediations of protest and social inequalities, and on journalists’experiences with the challenges that such reporting entail, in a media landscape in continual flux. She is principal investigator of a project entitled Just Information: information inequality in a global perspective and the author of Screening Protest. Visual narratives of dissent across time, space and genre (Routledge, 2018), Media and Politics in a Globalizing World (Polity 2015), Global News: reporting conflicts and cosmopolitanism (Peter Lang 2015), and Mediated Cosmopolitanism (Polity 2010). Alexa teaches two courses at IMS on the Masters level: Media and Politics in a Globalizing World (given in the spring) and Politics and Popular Culture (given in the autumn), and is also one of the teachers involved in Introduction to Global Media Studies. For more information about her research, visit and

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Research Interests

Robertson explores the political power of television by approaching news reports as cultural texts. News is analysed not as a source of information, but as the bearer of ideology - a font of recurrent narratives that keep cultural memories and shared understandings alive. Her work has shown that these understandings vary from one media culture to the next (be they different national cultures, or national as opposed to global cultures). Her point of departure is that journalists are among the most powerful of societal sense-makers, and that the stories they tell about the world can help citizens relate to distant others - or not.

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