Chris Baumann

Journal Articles

Year Title Journal
2017 Eine kurze Geschichte des Scheiterns: Googles Nexus Q und die Grenzen von Streaming-Technologien Montage AV
2014 Shadow Economies and Digital Distribution NECSUS European Journal of Media Studies

Chapters In Anthologies

Year Title Anthology
2016 Sweden: Circumvention and the Quest for Privacy Geoblocking and Global Video Culture

Conference Papers

Year Title Conference
2017 Netflix's Distribution Infrastructure as a Site of Cultural Production Collaboration and Competition in the Cultural and Creative Industries Conference
2017 A Brief History of Failure: Google's Nexus Q and the Limits of Streaming 2017 SCMS Conference
2016 What Black Box?: On Streaming Media Players, Sociotechnical Systems, and How Science and Technology Studies and Media Studies Might Benefit Each Other Society for the History of Technology Annual Meeting 2016
2016 Better Viewing: Streaming Devices and the Quest for Interoperability 2016 SCMS Conference
2016 Electronic Components and Human Efforts: Streaming Media Players and the Co-Production of Material Artifacts and Social Action Material Cultures of Television Conference
2015 Unboxing Netflix: Streaming Devices/Materiality/Social Practice 2015 SCMS Conference
2014 Please Press Play: Streaming Television and the Infrastructure Behind Netflix' Digital Distribution 2014 NECS Conference
2013 An Early Male Gaze: Voyeurism and Spectatorship in the Films of Johann Schwarzer EUPOP 2013: 2nd Annual International Conference of the European Popular Culture Association
2013 Saturn-Film and the Beginning of ‘Naughty’ Film Production in Austria Roles: 3rd Annual Gender and Sexuality Conference