Year Title Status
2020 “Early Cinema and the Emergence of Television: An Archaeology of Intertwined Media” Accepted for publication
2019 “The Post Media Condition, circa 1885: Media Theory and the Archaeology of Television” In press

Books and Anthologies

Year Title Publisher
2020 Seeing by Electricity: The Emergence of Television, 1878-1939 Duke University Press
2018 Corporeality in Early Cinema Indiana University Press
2016 Early Television Historiographies, special issue of Journal of E-Media Studie (2016) Dartmouth College

Journal Articles

Year Title Journal
2019 Book Review: “Bright Signals: A History of Color Television,” 32 (July 2019). Cinéma & Cie
2016 “Television in the Cinema Before 1939: An International Annotated Database” co-authored with Richard Koszarski Journal of E-Media Studies
2016 Public Television: Beginnings and Endings. Elihu Katz in conversation with Doron Galili Journal of E-Media Studies
2015 “Skybooks: Skywide Projection and Media Mythology” New Review of Film and Television Studies
2015 “Tom Swift’s Three Inventions of Television: Technological Imaginary and Media History” VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture
2015 “Postmediales Wissen um 1900: Zur Medienarchäologie des Fernsehens” Montage A/V
2013 “Intermedial Thought in Classical Film Theory: Balázs, Arnheim, and Benjamin on Film and Radio” The Germanic Review
2010 Book Review: “Fresh Wind: The First Zionist Film in Palestine” Early Popular Visual Culture
2008 Introduction to "Fevralsky: Currents in Art and the Radio-Eye” Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television
2007 Book Review: Moving Image Technology from Zoetrope to Digital” The Moving Image

Chapters In Anthologies

Year Title Anthology
2020 “A More Participatory Culture” An Afterword to the Hebrew edition and a conversation with Henry Jenkins Hitlakdut Tarbutit / Convergence Culture
2011 “L’histoire des débuts de la television et les théories modernes de la vision,” in Gilles Delavaud and Denis Maréchal, eds. Télévision: le moment e... Télévision: le moment experimental, 1935-1955
2011 “Television from Afar: Arnheim’s Understanding of Media” Arnheim for Film and Media Studies

Articles with Doron Galili