Jonathan Rozenkrantz has a PhD in Cinema Studies. He has been a writer and editor for more than a decade, publishing extensively on film, visual arts, and media culture. He is currently teaching at the Department of Media Studies. He is also the main editor for the Swedish Film Institute's film pedagogical project on teaching about the Swedish national minorities.

His dissertation Electronic Labyrinths: An Archaeology of Videographic Cinema (2019) scans six decades of film history in search for video images, the imaginaries within which they are framed, and (taking cues from the archaeological methods of Friedrich Kittler and Michel Foucault) their technical, historical, and institutional conditions of existence.

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Research Interests

Jonathan's research is concerned with the connections between the expressions of media and their conditions of existence. He is particularly invested in the history and theory of analogue video, both as a distinctive technical medium and as an aesthetic-conceptual element in fiction films.

He also studies historical uses of media in psychiatry - more specifically the conditions for, and implications of, autoptic self-confrontation techniques made possible by the emergence of videotape in the 1960s.

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