Andrea Kollnitz

Associate Professor – Fashion Studies (2009 - 2020)

Andrea Kollnitz is currently not affiliated to the department.


My educational background contains studies in Scandinavian languages and literature, English, German, graphic design and art from Vienna University and Vienna University of Applied Arts as well as art history at Stockholm university where I took my PhD in 2008 with the dissertation The National Idenitity of Art. On German and Austrian Modernism in Swedish Art Criticism 1908-1934. Since 2009 I have been employed as an assistant professor at the Centre for Fashion studies where I teach and supervise on all levels and with a special focus on visual and aesthetical as well as cultural historical aspects of fashion and fashion history.

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My reserach interests lie in modernist visual and textual art- and fashion discourse, fashion, art and nationalism, artistic self-fashioning and self-performance, the concept of avant-garde in different aesthetic contexts and crossovers between art and fashion in the context of museums as well as in visual culture. My publications range from rhetorical analyses of nationalist art criticism, studies on early 20th century European fashion caricature and artistic self-fashioning in the modern Swedish art world to studies on transnational aspects of avant-garde, surrealist self-performance and gender perspectives on art museums.

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