Fashion on the Red Carpet

A History of the Oscars, Fashion and Globalisation


The Academy Awards’ red-carpet is the most prominent fashion show in media culture. Fashion on the Red Carpet investigates the historical liaison between Hollywood and fashion institutions, to describe how public relations campaigns and the media articulate fashion discourses around the Oscars. The power-shift towards television, the emergence of celebrity culture, the post-war reactivation of transatlantic trade, the growth of fashion journalism, and the increasing circulation of designer names in the media, are converging factors leading to the institutionalisation of the red-carpet as a fashion event in its own right.

Departing from archival sources, and tracing discourses of fashion, stardom, and celebrity surrounding Hollywood and the Oscars, this fascinating book explains how the red-carpet became a marquee for the endorsement of high-end fashion brands.

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About the Author

Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Media Studies. She holds a Doctoral degree in Fashion Studies and a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University, and a Licentiate degree in Public Relations fr... Read more


Castaldo Lundén, E. (2021). Fashion on the Red Carpet: A History of the Oscars, Fashion and Globalisation. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.