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What’s Happened to Global News?



Scholarship on“global journalism”–to the extent that the phenomenon is explored empirically – is often based on the analysis of national media. This article considers, instead, how the global fares in global newsrooms, and what has happened to global news since the early years of the millennium. It is argued that, while much has changed in world politics and scholarly agendas, global news is characterized more by continuity than change, and that the interesting differences are not between “then” and “now,” but between news outlets. The results of the analysis of 2189 newscasts, 7591 headlines and 5379 news items broadcast over a period of 13 years by four global news organizations (Al Jazeera English, BBC World, CNN International, and RT) call into question assumptions about the cosmopolitan nature of channels said to speak to the world. They show that only a small percentage of their news can be considered “global” in terms of topic and geographical scope, although there are thought-provoking differences in how the global is narrated. Taken together, they provide occasion to revisit the scholarly debate on global journalism.

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Alexa Robertson

Alexa Robertson is Professor in Media and Communication Studies and docent (associate professor) in Political Science. She does research on global media and cosmopolitanism, with a particular focus on mediations of protest and social inequalities,... Read more


Robertson, A. (2021). What’s Happened to Global News? The New Global Studies, 15. Available at: [Accessed 2 Oct. 2022]. doi: