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Transitional Times: ‘New Media’ – Novel Histories and Trajectories



The alluring traits of 'new media' have spurred new research interests. This article discusses the discourse of 'new media' from the vantage point of critically reviewing three emissions from MIT Press during the years 1999-2003 within the series Media in Transition, as to the fundamental concepts used and introduced in these works. It cautions against any reductionist perspective on new media forms, and while highlighting the many merits of writing new media histories, the article shows that this discussion, also nascent within an interdisciplinary Swedish research environment, also carries other important features with implications for the relationships between communication and (time)space. It concludes that it is not enough to acknowledge that 'new media' call for a deep awareness of the historicity of the technological imaginary; deeper understandings of transitions in media also call for thoroughly expounding the socio-spatial ramifications of communication.

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    Journal Article (peer reviewed)
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    Nordicom Review, Vol 30, Issue 1.
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About the Author

Amanda Lagerkvist

Amanda Lagerkvist is an Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies and Wallenberg Academy Fellow in the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University. . With a PhD from Stockholm University in 2005, she had a two-year postdoc the... Read more


Lagerkvist, A. (2009). Transitional Times: ‘New Media’ – Novel Histories and Trajectories. Nordicom Review, 30(1), pp. 3-17.