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Sweden: Between domestication and glocalisation


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Anna Roosvall

Projekt Verlag


This is a study of Swedish media reporting about COP15, the UN climate summit in Copenhagen 2009. It comprises both quantitative and qualitative parts, focusing on employment of genres, representations of actors, and employment of news frames. The main frames in the Swedish reporting are the Political Game Frame and the Issue Frame. The Political Game Frame is most salient in the examined elite morning paper, which incidentally had more reporters on location in Copenhagen, whereas the Issue Frame is most salient in the examined tabloid, which had a series of reports focusing on conditions for indigenous peoples, and small nations, in different parts of the world. The latter reports include understandings of climate change as a global phenomenon, and connect the fight against it to the spirituality of nature. Conversely, in the Political Game Frame (actors from) different nations are grouped into categories of competing camps, and those who are to blame are named: mainly China and the USA. An important subframe that also connects to a conflict paradigm is the Safety/Policing Frame. The seldom employed Global Action Frame adds another nuance, but generally stays within the conflict paradigm, because of the depicted conflict between this approach and the regular politics of the summit. Main findings include the observation that climate change frequently appears as separated from other subjects. It is for instance not discussed in the car supplements, and often appears in separate climate supplements. The latter, indicates that it is simultaneously seen as an important subject. Domestication and glocalization are competing tendencies in the material. Glocalization is most often connected to the Issue Frame and domestication to the Political Game Frame, which dominates the material. It is in the domestication parts that we find the few depicted heroes of the summit, thus domestication is also self celebratory.

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    Book Chapter (other academic)
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    Global climate - local journalisms: A transnational study of how media make sense of climate summits
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About the Author

Anna Roosvall

Anna Roosvall got her PhD at the department for Journalism, Media and Communication, at Stockholm University in 2005. Her doctoral dissertation was about Swedish foreign news and aspects of nationality, ethnicity and gender. She was a post-doc res... Read more


Roosvall, A. (2010). Sweden: Between domestication and glocalisation. In: E. Eide, V. Kumpu and R. Kunelius, eds., Global climate - local journalisms: A transnational study of how media make sense of climate summits, Bochum: Projekt Verlag.