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Cultural Journalism as a Contribution to Democratic Discourse in Sweden


Chapter Authors
Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall



This chapter traces the historical development of Swedish cultural journalism as a distinctive contributor to societal debate and aesthetic discourse in the mainstream media. How did Swedish cultural journalism come to have this dual focus on politics and artistic expression, and where does it stand in relation to today's digital media landscape? The chapter deals with the hybridity of this sub-field of journalism, the meta-debates about its professionalisation and commercialisation,key cultural editors that staked out a space for cultural journalism in their newspapers and how the public service media gradually took on their own cultural journalistic roles in relation to the press.

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About the Authors

Kristina Riegert

Kristina Riegert is Professor in Media & Communication Studies, having held a position as Lecturer in Journalism and a PhD in Political Science. Read more

Anna Roosvall

Anna Roosvall got her PhD at the department for Journalism, Media and Communication, at Stockholm University in 2005. Her doctoral dissertation was about Swedish foreign news and aspects of nationality, ethnicity and gender. She was a post-doc res... Read more


Riegert, K. and Roosvall, A. (2017). Cultural Journalism as a Contribution to Democratic Discourse in Sweden. In: N. Nørgaard Kristensen and K. Riegert, eds., Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries, Göteborg: Nordicom, pp. 89-108.