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Studying Moving Image Journalism II: Global Newsfilm and News Media Archives


Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén



*(Participant) * For more than a century, media makers around the world have generated hundreds of thousands of hours of global news for both cinema and television screens. This vast output, which has shaped our historical understanding and memory of national and international events, remains one of the least studied media objects in our field. Amid widespread concerns about the credibility of digital-era journalism during a time of global democratic crises, this seminar examines the importance of studying moving image journalism on a global​ scale and engages the importance of teaching, researching, and writing both nationally and transnationally, especially in relation to archival deposits of historical newsfilm and contemporary news media within global institutions of cultural heritage. We look forward to engaging a wide range of global perspectives for a critical discussion of how cinema and media studies scholars and scholarship can bring the tools of our field to bear upon a wealth of historical materials that have been long ignored or unavailable but today are becoming newly available, often online. We hope to collate information about global news media collections available to scholars and others, and collections that may be less accessible or in peril. Participants will be asked to write a short position paper focused on specific collections or new methods and tools that facilitate teaching and research of these archival materials. Areas of focus may include global newsfilm/news media production and consumption, governmental newsfilm production and propaganda, wartime newsfilm/media practices, local, national, and regional specificity, colonial newsfilm production, historical chronotopes of news footage, inter-medial approaches to newsfilm studies, contemporary interventions in archival practices, analyses of specific global newsfilm/news media archives, as well as born-digital television, online, and mobile news (and social media algorithms) in the twenty-first century. Co-chaired by Ross Melnick (UCSB) and Mark Williams (Dartmouth College)

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Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén is a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Studies at the Department of Media Studies. She holds a Doctoral degree in Fashion Studies and a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University and a Licentiate Degree in Public... Read more