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Published Title Type Authors
2019 The Difference Culture Makes: Comparing Swedish news and cultural journalism on the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris Journal Article Kristina Riegert, Andreas Widholm
2019 Ingmar Bergman - minne, arkiv, arkeologi Book Chapter Maaret Koskinen
2019 Allt mer tolkande journalistik: Subjektivitet, åsikter och känslor i nyhetsmedierna Book Chapter Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2019 An Ethics of (Not) Showing: Citizen witnessing, Journalism and Visualizations of a Terror Attack Journal Article Maria Nilsson
2019 Communicating Seduction. Luxury fashion advertisements in video campaigns Journal Article Paula von Wachenfeldt
2019 Passageraren, eller hur jag tycker det är att resa Book Chapter Malin Wahlberg
2019 Fil(m)osofiska valfrändskaper. Eric M. Nilsson och Lars Gyllensten Book Chapter Maaret Koskinen
2019 'Beyond the Witness:: Holocaust Representation and the Testimony of Images' Book Review Journal Article Malin Wahlberg
2019 Feminist transnational diaspora in the making. The case of the #BlackProtest Journal Article Greta Gober, Justyna Struzik
2019 The Mediation of Luxury Brands in Digital Storytelling Journal Article Paula von Wachenfeldt
2019 Broadcasting Against the Grain: The Contradictory Roles of RT in Global Media Age Book Chapter Liudmila Voronova, Andreas Widholm
2019 The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking: Minor Immigrant Cinemas in Sweden 1950-1990 Book Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Sundholm
2019 Electronic Labyrinths: An Archaeology of Videographic Cinema Doctoral Thesis Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2019 Editors Foreword: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Fashion and the Moving Image Journal Article Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén, Chiara Faggella
2019 Editorial Foreword Journal Article Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén, Chiara Faggella
2019 New Nordic Noir: Political Scandals as Drama and Media Hunts Book Chapter Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack
2019 Десятилетие вызовов и возможностей. Становление теории моды в Стокгольмском университете Journal Article Louise Wallenberg
2019 Hollywood In and Out: A Look into the Academy Awards Ceremony's Transition from Private Banquet to Public Spectacle Conference Paper Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2019 ‘Time, memory and actors: Representation of ageing in recent Swedish feature film’ Journal Article Maaret Koskinen
2019 Reviews: Film, Fashion, and the 1960s, Eugenia Paulicelli, Drake Stutesman and Louise Wallenberg (eds) (2017) Journal Article Chiara Faggella