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Published Title Type Authors
2021 HCI and Deep Time: Towards Deep Time Design Thinking Journal Article Lina Rahm, Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby
2021 The archive and the scene: on the cultural techniques of retrocomputing databases Journal Article Anders Carlsson, Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby
2021 The Time of Our Lives Book Chapter John Sundholm
2021 The Struggles of the Remote Scholar: Creating Opportunities for Archival Access Beyond Broad Digitization Conference Paper Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén, Nadi Tofighian
2021 Dramatiska och utmattande: Nio månader av Corona-nyheter i sociala medier Book Chapter Andreas Widholm
2021 What’s Happened to Global News? Journal Article Alexa Robertson
2021 Netflix, HBO Nordic, and “Glocalized” TV Series: The View from Sweden Journal Article Joel Frykholm
2021 Uncivility, Racism, and Populism: Discourses and interactive practices in anti- & post-democratic communication Journal Article Mattias Ekman, Michał Krzyżanowski, Mattias Ekman, Per-Erik Nilsson. Mattias Gardell & Christian Christensen
2021 A populist turn?: News editorials and the recent discursive shift on immigration in Sweden Journal Article Mattias Ekman, Michal Krzyzanowski
2021 Finland Returning to War on Screen: The Unknown Soldier of 2017 Book Chapter John Sundholm
2021 Petrocinema: Sponsored Film and the Oil Industry Book Marina L. Dahlquist, Patrick Vonderau
2021 Renegotiating Quality TV in the Swedish Press: American Serial Television and Sweden's Post-Monopoly Television Landscape Journal Article Joel Frykholm
2021 Los Angeles som fillmisk dröm Journal Article Malin Wahlberg
2021 Medierna och brottsjournalistiken Book Chapter Ester Pollack
2021 Negotiating Boundaries in a Changing Media Ecosystem: The Case of Swedish Cultural Journalism Journal Article Kristina Riegert
2021 Svängdörrarnas förlovade land: Lobbyismens betydelse för klassamhällets eliter Book Chapter Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack
2021 Cultural Communication as Political Communication Book Chapter Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Anna Roosvall
2021 Development, trends and challenges in Nordic political journalism Book Chapter Sigurd Allern, Mark Black–Ørsten, Anu Kantola, Ester Pollack
2021 We interrupt this program: on the cultural techniques of ’technical difficulties’ Book Chapter Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby
2021 Magic Language, Esoteric Nature: Rikki Ducornet’s Surrealist Ecology Book Chapter Kristoffer Noheden