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Published Title Type Authors
2022 What about all these women?: Women in Swedish Film culture Book Maaret Koskinen, Frantzeska Papadopoulou, Tytti Soila, Louise Wallenberg
2021 Bondhustrun blir husmoder och gör rent hus. Hem och huslighetsideal i Härjedalen, ca 1850–1900 Book Chapter Marie Tengroth Ulväng
2021 Who is Publishing What? How Gender Influences Publication Book Chapter Greta Gober, Øystein Gullvåg Holter, Lotta Snickare
2021 From Exception to Norm – the Development of Resilience in a Network Book Chapter Ylva Elvin-Nowak, Greta Gober, Lotta Snickare
2021 Introduction: On and Off Screen: Women's Work in the Screen Industries Journal Article Maria Jansson, Louise Wallenberg
2021 Negotiating motherhood in Sweden: On and Off Screen Book Chapter Maria Jansson, Louise Wallenberg
2021 The Final Cut Journal Article Maria Jansson, Frantzeska Papadopoulou, Ingrid Stigsdotter, Louise Wallenberg
2020 Pedagogies of Perspective: The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Moving Images and Gender in a Multicultural Classroom Conference Paper Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2020 Studying Women in Swedish film production: methodological considerations Journal Article Maria Jansson, Ingrid Stigsdotter, Louise Wallenberg, franzeska papadopoulou
2020 Fearless Fashion: Rudi Gernreich. Journal Article Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2020 With Eyes Wide Open: Gender Equality in the Polish Film Industry Book Chapter Greta Gober
2020 Facing the Queer Migrant in Swedish Noir Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2020 Men in Boots: On Spectacular Masculinity and Desublimation Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2020 Gender and age inequalities in television and news production culture in Poland: Ethnography in a public broadcasting company. Journal Article Greta Gober
2020 Experiencing Male Dominance in Swedish Film Production Book Chapter Maria Jansson, Louise Wallenberg
2019 Making the Invisible Visible: New Approaches to Reclaiming Women’s Agency in Film History Anthology Ingrid Stigsdotter
2019 Let us roam the night together: Articulation and Representation in Tongues Untied and Moonlight Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2019 A Woman's Job: Edith Head's Transformation from School Teacher into Hollywood's Most conic Costume Designer Conference Paper Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2019 ’One should always be able to do something’: Social Engineering and Organization in the Family Politics of Alva Myrdal Book Chapter Torkild Thanem, Louise Wallenberg
2019 Feminist transnational diaspora in the making. The case of the #BlackProtest Journal Article Greta Gober, Justyna Struzik