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Published Title Type Authors
2020 Exploring Fashion as Communication: The search for a new fashion history against the grain Journal Article Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2020 Handsken i labyrintens mitt: Nadja och den dokumentära surrealismen Book Chapter Kristoffer Noheden
2020 "Is something rotten" in the welfare states of Scandinavia?: Nordic scandals from a Shakespearean perspective Journal Article Sigird Allern, Ester Pollack
2020 Introduction to climate justice communication Book Chapter Anna Roosvall, Matthew Tegelberg
2020 The importance of the matters, geographies, and mediations of justice Book Chapter Anna Roosvall, Matthew Tegelberg
2020 “A Conversation with Henry Jenkins,” (Autumn 2020) Journal Article Doron Galili
2020 Pedagogies of Perspective: The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Moving Images and Gender in a Multicultural Classroom Conference Paper Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2020 Studying Women in Swedish film production: methodological considerations Journal Article Maria Jansson, Ingrid Stigsdotter, Louise Wallenberg, franzeska papadopoulou
2020 “The Pasts and Prospects of Media Archaeology,” coauthored with Erkki Huhtamo Journal Article Doron Galili
2020 “Media Archaeology,” coedited with Erkki Huhtamo, special issue of Early Popular Visual Culture Anthology Doron Galili
2020 Against All Aristocracies: Surrealism, Anarchism, and Film Journal Article Kristoffer Noheden
2020 “The Not-So-Golden Age of Swedish Silent Cinema? Historiographies of Isepa (1926–1928).” Journal Article Joel Frykholm
2020 Dokumentära spår Book Chapter Malin Wahlberg
2020 Videographic Cinema: An Archaeology of Electronic Images and Imaginaries Book Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2020 Fearless Fashion: Rudi Gernreich. Journal Article Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2020 Excavating “Arrival of a Train”: A Swedish Mining Company's Useful Attractions Journal Article Ole Johnny Fossås
2020 ”Hur Rolf blev Lassgård. En skådespelares persona och den svenska självbilden i närhistoriskt perspektiv” Book Chapter Maaret Koskinen
2020 Brottslighet och namnpublicering Book Chapter Ester Pollack
2020 Chinatown Film Culture: The Appearance of Cinema in San Francisco's Chinese Neighborhood Book Kim Khavar Fahlstedt
2020 That Other Film Will Suffice: Towards ‘Total’ Documentation and Transnational Saturation in Scandinavian Industrial Films 1945-1975 Conference Paper Ole Johnny Fossås