Chapters In Anthologies

Published Title Anthology Authors
2010 Communicating politics - theoretical perspectives Content, Channels and Audiences in the New Millennium: Interaction and Interrelations Anna Edin, Kristina Widestedt
2010 The Cultural Trauma Process, or the Ethics and Mobility of Memory Migrating Memory: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Memory Studies John Sundholm
2010 Sweden: Between domestication and glocalisation Global climate - local journalisms: A transnational study of how media make sense of climate summits Anna Roosvall
2010 Alternative Media in the World Social Forum. Sage Encyclopedia of social movement media Mattias Ekman
2010 Fashion and the Moving Image The History of Fashion Reader Louise Wallenberg
2010 Eleganten: om manlig elegans, behörighet och utanförskap Citizen Schein Louise Wallenberg
2010 Fashioning the Self in Pre-modern and Post-Modern Society Kommers. Historiska handelsformer i Norden under 1700- och 1800-talen Paula von Wachenfeldt
2010 British Audiences and 1990s French New Realism: La Vie rêvée des anges as Cinematic Slum Tourism Je t’aime…moi non plus: Anglo-French Cinematic Relations Ingrid Stigsdotter
2010 "A Red-Blooded Romance"; or, Americanizing Early Multi-Reel Feature Cinema: The Case of The Spoilers Media, Popular Culture, and the American Century Joel Frykholm
2010 Crime Scene Skåne: Guilty landscapes and cracks in the functionalist façade in Sidetracked, Firewall and One Step Behind Regional Aesthetics: Swedish Imagery, Images of Sweden Ingrid Stigsdotter
2010 Bouppteckningen som livsgarderob: Något om kläder och köpmönster i Härjedalen på 1870-talet Kommers. Historiska handelsformer i Norden under 1700- och 1800-talen Marie Tengroth Ulväng
2009 Pressing the centre of attention: Three royal weddings and a media myth Media and monarchy in Sweden Kristina Widestedt
2009 Hey Man, Nice Shot: Setting the Iraq War to Music on YouTube The YouTube Reader Christian Christensen
2009 Fiktion som fakta eller fakta som fiktion? Det franska exemplet Historier. Arton- och nittonhundratalets skönlitteratur som historisk källa Paula von Wachenfeldt
2009 Foreword Fashion in Fiction: Text and Clothing in Literature, Film and Television Louise Wallenberg
2009 Paradoxes of Academic Practice Critical Management Studies at Work Torkild Thanem, Louise Wallenberg
2009 La Villa Rouge: Replaying Decadence in Shanghai Strange Spaces: Explorations into Mediated Obscurity Amanda Lagerkvist
2009 What is Strange about Strange Spaces? Strange Spaces: Explorations into Mediated Obscurity André Jansson, Amanda Lagerkvist
2009 We Witness the World. National and Cosmopolitan Memories in Documentaries about Foreign Nations The Nation on Screen: Discourses of the National on Global Television Anna Roosvall
2009 Representation FILM och andra rörliga bilder: en introduktion Louise Wallenberg