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A Faster Kind of Photojournalism?

By Maria Nilsson

This article examines factors in uencing the editorial processing of photographs, the impact of photojournalistic practices on those processes as w... Read more


By Astrid Gynnild, Anne Hege Simonsen, Maria Nilsson, Hanna Weselius

Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries

By Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Kristina Riegert

In an era when culture itself has become central to political debates, when boundaries between hard news and soft news, facts and opinion are disso... Read more

Towards a Political Economy of Communication in Development?

By Florencia Enghel

In the development communication equation, whether more theoretical, empirical and analytical attention is given to ‘development’ or to ‘communica... Read more

Cultural Journalism as a Contribution to Democratic Discourse in Sweden

By Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall

This chapter traces the historical development of Swedish cultural journalism as a distinctive contributor to societal debate and aesthetic discour... Read more

Editorial and Cultural Debates in Danish and Swedish Newspapers

By Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Anna Roosvall

This chapter analyses Danish and Swedish editorial/op-ed and cultural opinion articles in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris and Copenhag... Read more

What Is Cultural News Good For? Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish cultural journalism in public service organisations

By Heiki Hellman, Leif-Ove Larsen, Silje Nygaard, Kristina Riegert, Andreas Widholm

This chapter compares how Nordic public service media institutions (Finland: YLE; Norway: NRK; Sweden: SVT/SR) de ne and interpret their remits reg... Read more

The Difference Culture Makes

By Kristina Riegert, Andreas Widholm

Although terrorist attacks in Europe have increasingly been carried out on cultural targets such as media institutions, concert halls and leisure v... Read more

Cultural Communication as Political Communication

By Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Anna Roosvall

This chapter makes the argument that issues related to the cultural public sphere should be considered part of the political communication circuit.... Read more

Renegotiating Quality TV in the Swedish Press: American Serial Television and Sweden's Post-Monopoly Television Landscape

By Joel Frykholm

In this article, I explore the reception of American “quality” serial television in Sweden from 1999 to the mid-2010s. My analysis includes how cul... Read more