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Reverberations of a Conflicted Past

By Malin Wahlberg

History is a science of traces, and it is the trace that ‘orients the hunt, the quest, the search, the inquiry’ (Ricoeur, 1988). In documentary art... Read more


By Eugenia Paulicelli, Louise Wallenberg

Corporeality in Early Cinema

By Doron Galili, Marina L. Dahlquist, Jan Olsson, Valentine Robert

Corporeality in Early Cinema inspires a heightened awareness of the ways in which early film culture, and screen praxes overall are inherently embo... Read more

The Institutionalization of Educational Cinema

By Joel Frykholm, Marina L. Dahlquist

The potential of films to educate has been crucial for the development of cinema intended to influence culture, and is as important as conceptions ... Read more

‘Lumière Agents in Mexico: The “Body” of Film as a Late-Nineteenth-Century Discourse’

By John Fullerton

The essay introduces a comparative discussion of the work of Gabriel Veyre in Mexico with the films and photographs he made in French Indochina, an... Read more