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Cosmopolitanism in the Anthropocene

By Miyase Christensen

In early 2019 it was announced that Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old Swedish climate activist, had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Thunberg ... Read more

Självmord och Internet: Kommunikation om ett livsfarligt ämne

By Michael Westerlund

With suicide still a taboo subject in contemporary society, websites and discussion forums on the Internet have become an important and controversi... Read more

Archive, Memory, Forgetting

By Malin Wahlberg

Luz Obscura opens in silence with a black frame. A preface in white letters conveys the historical context of Portuguese fascism (1926-1974), the h... Read more

Breaking news from Petrograd, 1917.

By Kristina Widestedt

This chapter looks at the February Revolution in 1917 as it was remediated in RT’s Twitter project #1917LIVE. A fictional media outlet, Russian Tel... Read more

Reverberations of a Conflicted Past

By Malin Wahlberg

History is a science of traces, and it is the trace that ‘orients the hunt, the quest, the search, the inquiry’ (Ricoeur, 1988). In documentary art... Read more

Shifting Landscapes

By Miyase Christensen, Nezih Erdoǧan

Continuity and change are the two major trends that mark European film and media vistas today. While continuity is the result of more than a centur... Read more