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The Struggles of the Remote Scholar

By Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén, Nadi Tofighian

*Roundtable * Chairs: Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén (Stockholm University) and Nadi Tofighian (Stockholm University) Participants: Louise Hilton (Ma... Read more

Beyond the Screen

By Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Dressing the Media: Materials and Methods for Studying Screen Costume 15 October 2021, 12.00-15.00 BST Hosted by Melanie Bell and Llewella Chapma... Read more

Critical Thinking and the Humanities

By Joel Frykholm

The raison d’être of the humanities is widely held to reside in its unique ability to generate critical thinking and critical thinkers. But what is... Read more

Spectacular Costume Design

By Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Panel title: "Category Is…: The Academy Awards and Creative Labor in the Media Industries." Panelists Monica Sandler (University of California, Lo... Read more

Screening Protest

By Alexa Robertson

Screening Protest brings together a range of scholarly perspectives on the study of protest mediations on television and in film. Arguing that the ... Read more


By Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

This special issue belongs to a series of activities under the umbrella denomination “Studying and Exploring the Intersections of Fashion, Film, an... Read more

"Not So Simple"

By Chiara Faggella

How did Italy start to become a reputable country of origin for couture and fashion merchandise? Scholars seem to agree that a Florentine commissio... Read more

Painting the City

By Tindra Thor

Understanding everyday urban practices as performative, political, and potentially transformative, this dissertation aims to explore how graffiti- ... Read more

Oscar Night in Hollywood

By Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

This study investigates the red-carpet phenomenon from a historical perspective, seeking to understand how the Academy Awards’ red-carpet became th... Read more

Locating Plus-Size: The Shifting Meanings and Uses of Fashion's Most Contested Term

By Lauren Downing Peters

The phrase plus-size rests on uneven terrain. At once it is a functional term, which saw its first uses in the 1940s, and which has historically be... Read more

Arctic Geopolitics, Media and Power

By Miyase Christensen, Annika E. Nilsson

Reviews 'This book is a must read for all interested in the development of the Arctic. Investigating international media and how they frame the un... Read more