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Reverberations of a Conflicted Past

By Malin Wahlberg

History is a science of traces, and it is the trace that ‘orients the hunt, the quest, the search, the inquiry’ (Ricoeur, 1988). In documentary art... Read more

Moving Data

By Pelle Snickars, Patrick Vonderau

The iPhone has revolutionized not only how people communicate but also how we consume and produce culture. Combining traditional and social media w... Read more

Connecting Europe

By Miyase Christensen

During the 1990s, in parallel with new media-related initiatives in the US and the Asia-Pacific region, the EU launched its own information society... Read more

Transition and Transformation

By Bo Florin

In 1923, Victor Sjöström (1879-1960) got an offer from Goldwyn Pictures to come to Hollywood. This was nothing unusual for a successful European di... Read more

Foreign News: A Flagship of the Nation in an Age of Globalization

By Anna Roosvall

This chapter is about the journalistic genre termed foreign news and examines the development of the genre during a period that spans from the last... Read more

Hitchcock à la Carte

By Jan Olsson

Alfred Hitchcock: cultural icon, master film director, storyteller, television host, foodie. And as Jan Olsson argues in Hitchcock à la Carte, he w... Read more

'Edison’s Ideal' and the Visual Technics of the Sublime

By Gert Jan Harkema, Amanda du Preez

Chapter on the introduction of cinema in the Netherlands by way of analyzing Christiaan Slieker's 1896 kinematograph performance Edison's Ideal. In... Read more