Möt våra forskare

Christian Christensen

Christian Christensen is Professor of Journalism at the Department of Media Studies. Christian obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin in 2001. His recent publications have addressed the relationship between whistleblowing, transparency... Läs vidare

Maria Nilsson

My research is concerned with questions regarding professional roles in the journalistic field, the notion of visual expertise, the function of visual imagery in journalism, innovative forms of storytelling, and credibility and truth claims in journalistic and visual practices more broadly.

Marina L. Dahlquist

Marina Dahlquist received her PhD in Cinema Studies at Stockholm University in 2001 with a thesis titled The Invisible Seen in French Cinema before 1917. Her research interests include historical reception studies, educational films, and issues of globalization. Recent book publications include ... Läs vidare

Trond Lundemo

My primary research interests are film theory, media archaeology, social memory and technology studies and theories of the archive. I have also worked on the Japanese cinema of the 1920s and 1930s. One main tenet of my research is that technological shifts inform the concept and the writing of hi... Läs vidare

Klas Nyberg

Klas Nyberg, professor på Centrum för Modevetenskap, är ekonomihistoriker och forskar inom områdena för textilhistoria, konsumtionshistoria och materiell kultur. Han har publicerat ett stort antal böcker till vilka bland andra hör Till salu. Stockholms textila handel och manufaktur 1722-1846; Kom... Läs vidare

Louise Wallenberg

I am Professor of Fashion Studies at the Centre for Fashion Studies at IMS and I hold a PhD in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University (2002). My research has so far focused on issues dealing with gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity in cinema and fashion, as well as in organization and manage... Läs vidare

Möt våra doktorander

Erika Theissen Walukiewicz

Documentary film, ethics, care ethics, participation, emotions, representation, long-form factual storytelling. Läs vidare

Jono Van Belle

Jono Van Belle is a PhD candidate at IMS at Stockholm University, Sweden, in cooperation with CIMS at Ghent University, Belgium. Her project aims to capture ... Läs vidare

Linn Lönroth

Mitt doktorandprojekt fokuserar på birollsskådespelarnas roll och arbetssituation i Hollywood under 1930- och 1940-talet. Studien är både teoretiskt och hist... Läs vidare

Annika Wickman

Annika Wickman's PhD dissertation, “Film in the Service of the Armed Forces: Military training films in Swedish military education 1920–1939,” examines the e... Läs vidare

Martin Karlsson

Martin intresserar sig särskilt för politikens former och villkor i medier genom historien och vad som får, kan och borde uttryckas under olika perioder. Det... Läs vidare

Sara Skillen

Particular areas of research interest include mid-late twentieth century design, particularly history of dress and costume, and the material culture of fashi... Läs vidare

Joy Kibarabara

Joy is a doctoral candidate majoring in journalism studies. Her research focuses on the re-emerged concept of constructive journalism and it's implications o... Läs vidare

Rebecca Bengtsson Lundin

Rebecca is an experienced analyst and researcher with a diverse background in capacity building for the EU, UN, CSOs and in academia focusing on media, human... Läs vidare