Cosmpolitanism in the limelight at the Global Media Café

Publicerad: 17 oktober 2015

The Global Media Café was launched on 16 October 2015 together with Miyase Christensen’s new book (co-authored with André Jansson) Cosmopolitanism and the Media and Erik Gandini’s project-financed film Cosmopolitanism.

The event, which took place at Bio Mauritz at the Stockholm Film House, was attended by members of the local community, artists and faculty and students from Karlstad University, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Stockholm University. The organizers emphasized the need to make the concept of cosmopolitanism accessible to people outside the ivory tower. The issue could not be more timely, as cosmopolitan conversations are most likely taking place at dinner tables and pubs and in schoolrooms all over the country, as Swedes try to grasp the implications of an unprecedented flow of people seeking shelter in their country. Christensen reminded the audience of the need to keep sight of the urgency of climate change, despite attention having been deflected from that as the refugee crisis has intensified. These and other issues highlight the relevance of discussing cosmopolitanism in contemporary society.


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