År Titel Status
2021 Retroengineering and the re-presencing of the Commodore 64 Accepted for publication
2021 The Zombie In press

Artiklar i tidskrifter

År Titel Tidskrift
2021 HCI and Deep Time Human-Computer Interaction
2021 Re-presencing, re-containing, re-materializing music Media Fields
2021 The archive and the scene New Media & Society
2019 Critical incidents in everyday technology use Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
2018 What is Feminist Media Archaeology? communication +1
2018 Imagined interaction Journal of Digital Media & Interaction
2018 Crosscurrents in ‘micro’ marketing Artnodes: Journal on Art, Science and Technology
2018 ‘Well-behaved robots rarely make history’ Design and Culture
2016 Im/possible desires Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics
2016 Prepare for Monsters! Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies
2016 Media Futures First Monday
2015 The changing shape of sharing Discover Society
2015 Interpreting online discussions The Qualitative Report
2015 The media archaeology of file sharing Popular Communication
2014 Useful, joyful, willful First Person Scholar
2014 Making change Hybrid Pedagogy – a digital journal of learning, teaching and technology
2013 Dismantling the guitar hero? Convergence
2013 The performative gift communication +1
2013 Positive resistance and the queering of digital media theory Media Fields
2011 The irony of serendipity Library Hi Tech
2011 Slow and fast music media Transformations Journal of Media and Culture
2011 Pre-produsage and the remediation of virtual products New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia
2010 Gift-giving as a conceptual framework Journal of Information Technology
2009 Exploring qualitative sharing practices of social metadata The Information Society

Kapitel i antologier

År Titel Samlingsverk / Antologi
2021 We interrupt this program Miscommunication: Errors, Mistakes, and the Media
2015 Everyday Expertise Debates for the Digital Age: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of our Online World
2014 Kassetten, radion och hemdatorn Återkopplingar: Medier, historier, praktiker, fält
2011 Online ethnographic methods Handbook of Research on Methods and Techniques for studying Virtual Communities


År Titel Konferens
2017 Mischievous Machines Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries Second Conference
2015 Engineering meets marketing In the Flow: People, Media, Materialities