Annika Wickman

Doktorand – Enheten för filmvetenskap (2013 - 2021)

Annika Wickman är för närvarande inte anställd vid institutionen.


Annika Wickman avslutade sina doktorandstudier på IMS i september 2018.

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Research Interests

Annika Wickman's PhD dissertation, “Film in the Service of the Armed Forces: Military training films in Swedish military education 1920–1939,” examines the establishment of educational cinema in the military. Based on extensive archival material, the dissertation exposes the challenges involved in making educational cinema useful. It also brings forth the military’s involvement in the shaping of early production and exhibition practices and the early history of how factual instruction was presented through moving images. Wickman’s research interests range from broad theoretical and philosophical questions to the delimited issue of media's role in professionalization processes. Her approach is influenced by her interest in art, culture, creativity, and technology in history and in the present.

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