Ingrid Stigsdotter

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Ingrid Stigsdotter completed her university education in the UK, but after finishing her PhD thesis at the University of Southampton in 2008 she returned to Sweden, where she has taught Film Studies and Visual Culture at several different universities as well as free-lancing as a cultural critic.

Since April 2016, she holds a position as Researcher in Cinema Studies at the Department for Media Studies.

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Research Interests

Ingrid Stigsdotter is a Film Studies researcher interested in reception and representation. Her PhD thesis at the University of Southampton (2008) and related publications dealt with European cinema in Britain, using empirical audience data to discuss the tendency for some films’ and stories’ ability to “travel” and reach audiences across cultural, linguistic and national borders, while others remain a local concern.

This has lead to a continued interest in the relationship between the local, the national, the regional and the international, explored for example in BBCs TV adaptations of the Henning Mankell’s Wallander books and currently in the ongoing Horizon2020-funded project I-Media-Cities, which involves collaborative research between institutions in nine European cities on the topic of “city films”.

Stigsdotter has published on diversity in Swedish society and its representation in contemporary visual culture, focussing in particular on recent debates around ethnicity and representation in Swedish media. But her main research focus in the area of representation concerns the topic of women in Swedish film history, which she has explored in several research collaborations, including the ongoing project "Representing Women".

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