“Kinetic Élites"

The Mediatization of Social Belonging and Close Relationships among Mobile Class Fractions”


Tidsperiod: 2012 – 2015

Sociologi, Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap


The aim of the project is to illuminate the role of media and ICTs for sustaining close relationships and a sense of social belonging under everyday conditions that involve high levels of mobility and potentially fractured ties with family and friends. The focus of the study is on certain mobile élite groups within the fields of (1) corporate business, (2) international development/diplomacy, and (3) academia. In the three élite groups the project studies two types of household conditions; mobile families and return migrants, applying qualitative, phenomenologically oriented methods such as interviews and diaries. Taking the meta-processes of globalization and mediatization as the structural contexts of the project, the theoretical approach integrates four perspectives: (a) the mobilities paradigm; (b) global media studies; (c) social phenomenology, and (d) social field theory.

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Miyase Christensen

Miyase Christensen (Ph.D. the University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Stockholm University and Affiliated Professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of Technology, Science and Environment, the R... Läs vidare



Karlstads Universitetet

Karlstad, Sweden