’Words Transcend Borders?’: Proper distance and global news coverage of the ‘migration crisis’ of June 2018


Alexa Robertson

International Communication Association


The point of departure for this paper is the intersection of two mutually dependent crises - that of migration, and the crisis of public discourse characterized by a rise in incivility and dissemination of false claims about threats to national societies. The aim is to compare coverage of migration issues in three global television news channels: Al Jazeera English, BBC World and CNN International in June 2018 in ordeer to problematize the role of global journalism in a context of information warfare. The results of the analysis of 108 news reports provide evidence for the argument that the approaches of the three outlets differ in thought-provoking ways, and that the consumer of global news is given far-from-simple answer to the question of whether the refugee crisis is about politics, humanity or morality.

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    Accepted for publication
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    Konferensbidrag (refereegranskat)
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    International Communication Association
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Alexa Robertson

Alexa Robertson är professor i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap och docent i statsvetenskap. Hon forskar om globala medier med fokus på skildringar av protester och sociala orättvisor, samt journalisters upplevelser av utmaningar som medförs av ... Läs vidare