Creating Church Online

Ritual, Community and New Media

Timothy Hutchings

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Online churches are internet-based Christian communities, pursuing worship, discussion, friendship, support, proselytization, and other key religious goals through computer-mediated communication. Hundreds of thousands of people are now involved with online congregations, generating new kinds of ritual, leadership, and community and new networks of global influence.

Creating Church Online constructs a rich ethnographic account of the diverse cultures of online churches, from virtual worlds to video streams. This book also outlines the history of online churchgoing, from its origins in the 1980s to the present day, and traces the major themes of academic and Christian debate around this topic. Applying some of the leading current theories in the study of religion, media and culture to this data, Tim Hutchings proposes a new model of religious design in contexts of mediatization, and draws attention to digital networks, transformative third spaces and terrains of existential vulnerability. Creating Church Online advances our understanding of the significance and impact of digital media in the religious and social lives of its users, in search of new theoretical frameworks for digital religion. 

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Timothy Hutchings

Tim Hutchings is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Existential Terrains program, studying death, memory and ideas of the afterlife in digital cultures. He also teaches on the Masters program in JMK. Läs vidare


Hutchings, T. (2017). Creating Church Online: Ritual, Community and New Media. London: Routledge.