Hidden in Plain Sight: Fashion and Fat Acceptance in the Riot Grrrl Zine Collections


Lauren Downing Peters

Popular Culture Association of America Conference (New Orleans, LA)


The punk-feminist Riot Grrrl movement is a well-documented phenomenon. Chronicled in a number of academic surveys and lovingly preserved in archives worldwide since its inception in the 1990s, Riot Grrrl was never given the opportunity to be forgotten as researchers almost immediately embraced the movement as one that was ripe for academic inquiry and as an invaluable opportunity to document the so-called “third wave” of feminism from its infancy. The current body of research emerging from these archives, however, has tended to frame the movement as having a singular identity and trajectory without fully accounting for the diverse agendas and contributions of the many sub-sects within the community. As such, the particular legacies, discourses and identity politics documented in Riot Grrl ephemera, and specifically zines, have, for the most part, yet to be revealed. Looking exclusively at the small subculture of fat acceptance zines that have gone under-acknowledged within Riot Grrrl collections but which are “hidden in plain sight,” this presentation will therefore take pains to examine how fashion has been employed by fat activist Riot Grrrls as a pointed and pervasive trope in articulating the fat experience and in foregrounding their marginalized status in society. Furthermore, as fashion scholars have yet to examine the complicated relationship zines have with the mainstream fashion media, I will reframe zines such as Nomy Lamm’s “I’m So Fucking Beautiful” (1991) and Krissy Durden’s “Figure 8” (2001-2009), among others, as fashion documents. In doing so, I will show how these zines present an important counter-discourse to the normativizing tendencies of mainstream fashion media.

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    Konferensbidrag (övrigt (populärvetenskap, debatt, mm))
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    Popular Culture Association Of America Conference (New Orleans, La)
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Lauren Downing Peters

Lauren Downing Peters is a PhD student at the Centre for Fashion Studies. Prior to beginning her studies at the Centre, Lauren graduated summa kum laude from Washington University in St. Louis where she received her BA in art history and anthropol... Läs vidare


Downing Peters, L. (2015). Hidden in Plain Sight: Fashion and Fat Acceptance in the Riot Grrrl Zine Collections. In: Popular Culture Association of America Conference (New Orleans, LA).