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What Is Cultural News Good For? Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish cultural journalism in public service organisations


Heiki Hellman, Leif-Ove Larsen, Silje Nygaard, Kristina Riegert, Andreas Widholm

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This chapter compares how Nordic public service media institutions (Finland: YLE; Norway: NRK; Sweden: SVT/SR) de ne and interpret their remits regarding cultural news. Relying on policy documents, interviews with managing cultural news editors and a sample week’s broadcast and online cultural news output, the results show distinctive national di erences in the ways cultural news is conceived, the resources and organisation of the cultural news desks, and di erences in news content during the week studied. e countries are most similar in their broad popular culture o ering, and by that fact that all the companies provide broader cultural news coverage on their websites than in their broadcast versions. However, the distinctions between the online and o ine platforms are less clear than those between the three countries. So, despite the commonalities of the Nordic media model, the values and practices of cultural journalism show enough di erences to warrant further study.

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    Kapitel i antologi (refereegranskat)
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    Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries
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Kristina Riegert

Kristina Riegert disputerade i statsvetenskap varefter hon arbetade som lektor i journalistik och docent inom medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap. Läs vidare

Andreas Widholm

Andreas Widholm is Associate Professor of journalism in the Department of Media Studies (IMS) at Stockholm University, Sweden. His research addresses the relationship between media, politics and culture with a particular focus on journalism and so... Läs vidare


Hellman, H., Larsen, L., Nygaard, S., Riegert, K. and Widholm, A. (2017). What Is Cultural News Good For? Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish cultural journalism in public service organisations. In: N. Nørgaard Kristensen and K. Riegert, eds., Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries, Göteborg: Nordicom.