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Publicerad Titel Typ Författare
2020 Pedagogies of Perspective: The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Moving Images and Gender in a Multicultural Classroom Konferensbidrag Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2020 Against All Aristocracies: Surrealism, Anarchism, and Film Artikel i tidskrift Kristoffer Noheden
2020 “The Not-So-Golden Age of Swedish Silent Cinema? Historiographies of Isepa (1926–1928).” Artikel i tidskrift Joel Frykholm
2020 Videographic Cinema: An Archaeology of Electronic Images and Imaginaries Bok Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2020 ”Hur Rolf blev Lassgård. En skådespelares persona och den svenska självbilden i närhistoriskt perspektiv” Kapitel i antologi Maaret Koskinen
2020 Brottslighet och namnpublicering Kapitel i antologi Ester Pollack
2020 That Other Film Will Suffice: Towards ‘Total’ Documentation and Transnational Saturation in Scandinavian Industrial Films 1945-1975 Konferensbidrag Ole Johnny Fossås
2020 Critical Thinking and the Humanities: A Case Study of Conceptualizations and Teaching Practices at the Section for Cinema Studies at Stockholm University Artikel i tidskrift Joel Frykholm
2020 With Eyes Wide Open: Gender Equality in the Polish Film Industry Kapitel i antologi Greta Gober
2020 Filmaren Jan Bark: En mindre filmhistoria på 8 mm Artikel i tidskrift John Sundholm
2020 Visualizing the Experience of Flight: Photojournalistic Portraits and Refugee Migration Artikel i tidskrift Maria Nilsson
2020 The Role of Think Tanks in the Swedish Political Landscape Artikel i tidskrift Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack
2020 Mellan det hyperlokala och globala: Journalistikens förändringar och utmaningar i en digital tid: Vänbok till Gunnar Nygren Samlingsverk / Antologi Ester Appelgren, Andreas Widholm
2020 Myten om datajournalistik Kapitel i antologi Ester Appelgren, Andreas Widholm
2020 “Anticipating Adaptation and Tracing the (In)Visible: David Lagercrantz’ The Girl in the Spider’s Web as Implicit Film Script” Kapitel i antologi Maaret Koskinen
2020 As the Holocaust escalated the Swedish press fell silent:: media and the normalisation of passivity and non-engagement in WWII Sweden Artikel i tidskrift Ester Pollack
2020 “A More Participatory Culture” An Afterword to the Hebrew edition and a conversation with Henry Jenkins Kapitel i antologi Doron Galili
2020 Media and climate migration: Transnational and local reporting on vulnerable island communities Kapitel i antologi Florencia Enghel, Anna Roosvall, Matthew Tegelberg
2020 Gender and age inequalities in television and news production culture in Poland: Ethnography in a public broadcasting company. Artikel i tidskrift Greta Gober
2020 Cosmopolitanism in the Antropocene (with a postscript on the Coronavirus): - Artikel i tidskrift Miyase Christensen