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Publicerad Titel Typ Författare
2020 Experiencing Male Dominance in Swedish Film Production Kapitel i antologi Maria Jansson, Louise Wallenberg
2020 Social media racism: affective circulation and cultures of fear. A reply to Søren Mosgaard Andreasen Artikel i tidskrift Mattias Ekman
2020 Memory, history, and forgetting: Knowledge production and commemoration in the films by Susana de Sousa Dias Kapitel i antologi Malin Wahlberg
2020 The Institutionalization of Educational Cinema: North America and Europe in the 1910s and 1920s Samlingsverk / Antologi Joel Frykholm, Marina L. Dahlquist
2020 Cosmopolitanism in the Anthropocene: - Kapitel i antologi Miyase Christensen
2020 Art, Life and the Fashion Museum: For A more Solidarian Exhibition Practice Artikel i tidskrift Louise Wallenberg
2020 Domböcker Kapitel i antologi Caroline Lindroth, Carl Mikael Carlsson, Marie Tengroth Ulväng, Maria Ågren
2020 Platsen, tiden, människorna Kapitel i antologi Örjan Kardell, Jonas Lindström, Marie Tengroth Ulväng
2019 Anti-immigration and racist discourse in social media. Artikel i tidskrift Mattias Ekman
2019 Digital Sociality: Groups and the emotional imprint of algorithmic patterns Kapitel i antologi Anja Hirdman
2019 Med kameran som vapen och vittnesmål: Frihetskampen på SR/TV Artikel i tidskrift Malin Wahlberg
2019 George Kleine and the Institutional Film Exchange: An Experiment in Nontheatrical Film Distribution, 1921–1929 Kapitel i antologi Joel Frykholm
2019 Introduction Kapitel i antologi Joel Frykholm, Marina L. Dahlquist
2019 Anti-Immigrant Sentiments and Mobilization on the Internet. Kapitel i antologi Mattias Ekman
2019 Identity, Empathy and Argument:: Immigrants in Culture and Entertainment Journalism in the Scandinavian Press Artikel i tidskrift Jan Fredrik Hovden, Kristina Riegert
2019 Sweden and the #Metoo movement Artikel i tidskrift Ester Pollack
2019 Användningen av digitala arkiv inom humaniora Kapitel i antologi Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2019 Charlie Chan’s Last Mystery, or, the Transcultural Disappearance of Warner Oland Kapitel i antologi Kim Khavar Fahlstedt
2019 Using Time to Navigate East German Censorship: Thick Descriptions in The Children of Golzow (Winfried & Barbara Junge, 1962-2007) Konferensbidrag Ole Johnny Fossås
2019 Let us roam the night together: Articulation and Representation in Tongues Untied and Moonlight Kapitel i antologi Louise Wallenberg