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Shifting Landscapes

Av Miyase Christensen, Nezih Erdoǧan

Continuity and change are the two major trends that mark European film and media vistas today. While continuity is the result of more than a centur... Läs vidare

Religion, Globalization and Commodification in Online World News Slideshows

Av Anna Roosvall

Published online 14 August 2015, later in journal issue 26:1 (2016). Läs vidare

Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries

Av Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Kristina Riegert

In an era when culture itself has become central to political debates, when boundaries between hard news and soft news, facts and opinion are disso... Läs vidare

Creating Church Online

Av Timothy Hutchings

Online churches are internet-based Christian communities, pursuing worship, discussion, friendship, support, proselytization, and other key religio... Läs vidare

Mapping ‘the whirligig of amusements’ in colonial Southeast Asia

Av Nadi Tofighian

This article assesses the interconnected nature of Southeast Asia around 1900, the transnational entertainment scene in Southeast Asia, and the rol... Läs vidare

Arctic Geopolitics, Media and Power

Av Miyase Christensen, Annika E. Nilsson

Reviews 'This book is a must read for all interested in the development of the Arctic. Investigating international media and how they frame the un... Läs vidare

Transnational News Consumption and Digital Content Mobility

Av Andreas Widholm

Over the latest decade, the availability of news media from various countries of the globe has increased dramatically as both media production and ... Läs vidare

Studying Moving Image Journalism II

Av Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

*(Participant) * For more than a century, media makers around the world have generated hundreds of thousands of hours of global news for both cinem... Läs vidare

Amateur Images and Global News

Av Kari Andén-Papadopoulos, Mervi Pantti

Modern technology has enabled anyone with a digital camera or cell phone to capture images of newsworthy events as they develop, and news organizat... Läs vidare

The Struggles of the Remote Scholar

Av Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 *Roundtable * CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 Chairs: Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén (Stockholm University) and Nadi Tofighian (Sto... Läs vidare

Charlie Chan’s Last Mystery, or, the Transcultural Disappearance of Warner Oland

Av Kim Khavar Fahlstedt

A globalized history of Nordic film cultures in a transnational context. Introduces the concept of “Elsewheres" and “Cinemas of Elsewhere" – of val... Läs vidare

Mellan det hyperlokala och globala: Journalistikens förändringar och utmaningar i en digital tid

Av Ester Appelgren, Andreas Widholm

Gunnar Nygren, Östersjöprofessor i journalistik vid Södertörns högskola, gick i februari 2020 i pension. Gunnar är en person som skapar engagemang ... Läs vidare

9.11 in Sweden

Av Amanda Lagerkvist

During the ten years that have passed since the mediated terrorist attacks in the United States on 9.11, 2001, they have become—through instant his... Läs vidare

Cultural journalism

Av Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm

Cultural journalism is a subfield of journalism that encompasses what is known as arts journalism. While arts journalism is characterized by review... Läs vidare