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Exhibition Review, Georgia O'Keeffe: Living Modern

Av Lauren Downing Peters

In a sense, the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition ‘Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern’ is a new way of telling an old story. Most are aware of the beloved ... Läs vidare

Spectacular Costume Design

Av Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Panel title: "Category Is…: The Academy Awards and Creative Labor in the Media Industries." Panelists Monica Sandler (University of California, Lo... Läs vidare

Locating Plus-Size: The Shifting Meanings and Uses of Fashion's Most Contested Term

Av Lauren Downing Peters

The phrase plus-size rests on uneven terrain. At once it is a functional term, which saw its first uses in the 1940s, and which has historically be... Läs vidare

’We See America’

Av Amanda Lagerkvist

In this article I explore the many different meanings of the mediatized meeting with New York (how gazing at the Manhattan skyline ‘felt like being... Läs vidare


Av Amanda Lagerkvist

This dissertation examines the construction of an imaginary America in Swedish travel writing from 1945 to 1963. By placing focus on the intersecti... Läs vidare

George Kleine and American Cinema

Av Joel Frykholm

George Kleine was a New York City optician who moved to Chicago in 1893 to set up an optical store. In 1896 he branched out and began selling motio... Läs vidare

Media Houses

Av Staffan Ericson, Kristina Riegert

In much recent theory, the media are described as ephemeral, ubiquitous, and de-localized. Yet the activity of modern media can be traced to spatia... Läs vidare

Ingmar Bergman's The Silence

Av Maaret Koskinen

Ingmar Bergman's 1963 film The Silence was made at a point in his career when his stature as one of the great art-film directors allowed him to pus... Läs vidare

"Not So Simple"

Av Chiara Faggella

How did Italy start to become a reputable country of origin for couture and fashion merchandise? Scholars seem to agree that a Florentine commissio... Läs vidare

Global News

Av Alexa Robertson

Global News explores how media representation is conceived and enacted in a world of diversity and transborder flows. Among the ‘new media’ crowdin... Läs vidare