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Uncivility, Racism, and Populism

Av Mattias Ekman, Michał Krzyżanowski, Mattias Ekman, Per-Erik Nilsson. Mattias Gardell & Christian Christensen

This Special Issue of Nordicom Review discusses interactive practices of articulating and communicating uncivility in the context of recent wider a... Läs vidare

New Nordic journalism research

Av Sigurd Allern, Henrik Bødker, Martin Eide, Epp Lauk, Ester Pollack

Det nordiska nätverket för journalistikforskning, finansierat av NordForsk mellan åren 2009 och 2013 och initierat av Institutionen för mediestudie... Läs vidare

Global Divides in Cosmographic Genres: Charity, Solidarity and Different Explanations of Difference

Av Anna Roosvall

This article sets out to explore charity and solidarity approaches in three cosmographic genres: aid galas, foreign news, and documentaries about f... Läs vidare

Transitional Times

Av Amanda Lagerkvist

The alluring traits of 'new media' have spurred new research interests. This article discusses the discourse of 'new media' from the vantage point ... Läs vidare

Criticism of the police in the news.

Av Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack

Mediated descriptions of reality are tremendously important to the way the public – and policymakers – perceive the police. This article analyses h... Läs vidare

A Quest for Communitas

Av Amanda Lagerkvist

Despite the fragmentation of audience behaviour and the pluralization of platforms within the media cultures of the digital age, cultural memory pr... Läs vidare


Av Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack

The purpose of this book is to spotlight the way in which political scandals in four Nordic countries have been launched, directed, dramatized and ... Läs vidare

Perfect profession

Av Gunilla Hultén, Antonia Wiklund

This study discusses how students taking their first year at three Swedish schools of journalism view their future professional roles. Furthermore,... Läs vidare

Communicating the Nation: National Topographies of Global Media Landscapes

Av Anna Roosvall, Inka Salovaara-Moring

The nation is one of the most resilient concepts in our understanding of the world and its societies. Politics, sports and cultural events, in news... Läs vidare

Mediers känsla för kön

Av Anja Hirdman, Madeleine Kleberg

Medier kan ses som ett av de viktigaste områden för hur idéer om kön och om normer kring kvinnligt och manligt formas, representeras och förs vidar... Läs vidare

What is Threatening the West? Islam/Communism, Religion/Politics and the Rational/Irrational Discourse

Av Anna Roosvall

This chapter discusses rationality/irrationality and how it relates to a set of either/or (rather than both/and) conceptualizations: the idea of a ... Läs vidare